Our take away from the 2019 Terroir Symposium by JRoss' Eric Wood

I had the pleasure of attending the Terroir Symposium in Toronto, and hearing from some of the top thought leaders in food and beverage from across Canada and globally. The theme of this year’s conference was choice: the choices we make in how we consume, how we grow, and how we work have never been more important.

From a delicious lunch made from “trash” (products like lobster shells, day old bread, offal, and corn husks), to enlightened talks from the likes of Mark Brand, Amanda Cohen, Mark Zelukin, and Ron Tite, it was a day to learn about how we can best prepare for what’s next, and think outside the box.

I was really struck by the conversations, both onstage and off, about talent and culture, and how we as an industry need to respond to a changing labour market and outlook. How do we keep people in the business? How can we look beyond the resume and at the person? In the face of a changing landscape, what will hospitality look like in 10 years? Lots of ideas were shared, and I left inspired.