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The team at JRoss is committed to helping clients improve their businesses by hiring exceptional leaders who live up to a higher standard of personal excellence.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

DEI Intro Copy: 

We are committed to having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace here at JRoss, and helping to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces everywhere we can.

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We aim to foster increased opportunities and equitable access for everyone while promoting the leadership aspirations of those facing adversity.

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We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) benefit our team, our clients and our candidates as they are essential components of any successful and thriving organization, and we are committed to having them infused into all areas of our work. 

Our DEI statement reflects our core values and beliefs and guides our actions and decisions as we support retail and hospitality organizations across Canada.

Our Commitment

DEI Commitment Body: 

We will endeavour to ensure that our hiring and recruitment processes are fair, unbiased, and inclusive on behalf of our clients by training and educating our team and consulting with clients on DEI recruitment-related topics.

We will promote and uphold pay transparency legislation, advocate for pay equality and support the national trend toward demystifying wage equity.

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DEI Bucket 1 Title: 

DEI Bucket 1 Body: 

We will regularly review and assess our own DEI progress and adjust as necessary.

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DEI Bucket 2 Body: 

We will continually improve our anti-bias track record by encouraging these efforts and implementing internal anti-bias workshops.

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DEI Bucket 3 Body: 

We will ensure our job 
descriptions and postings use inclusive language.

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DEI Expand Title: 
We will expand our sources of diverse candidates

DEI Expand Body: 

By utilizing job boards and websites that cater specifically to diverse candidates and forge partnerships with diversity-focused organizations, professional associations, and minority-serving institutions.

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DEI Support Title: 
We will support our client's efforts

DEI Support Body: 

To achieve a bias-free hiring process and an inclusive workplace by being active and knowledgeable advocates of DEI practices and systems.