Canada’s leading Virtual Franchise Show is Saturday - join us at the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Virtual Franchise Show 10AM-3PM ET!

On January 23, learn the latest on franchise industry trends and opportunities in Canada.

Almost 1200 brands, more than 76,000 franchise locations, over $100B in annual sales – that’s Canada's franchise industry! Franchise businesses now account for almost 5% of Canada’s GDP. Whether focusing on hotels, foodservice, responding to the growing need for senior care, keeping up with baby boomers' wellness needs, or the educational needs of children, franchises are growing in almost every area of Canada's economy.

Building that growth requires a constant focus on the underlying business operation. The franchise business model requires exceptional internal communication and leadership skills and like all businesses, the underlying companies require a constant focus on the customer, combined with the need to adapt to and leverage today's technology and digital media trends.

In 2021 as we rebound from the global pandemic, it's more important than ever for franchisors and franchisees to keep up to date. We’ll be at the Canadian Franchise association’s Virtual Franchise Show this Saturday – join us to learn about the latest trends and opportunities in the Canadian franchise industry.

And of course, if you’re looking for the right people with the right talents and the right experience to make it all work, we’d be happy to help. As Canada's leading recruiting agency specializing in Canada's top service sectors, we help our clients meet this challenge every day. You can find out more about the labour market challenges and potential solutions involved at our blog here.

To find out more about the Show and register, click here.

In one day you can network with the largest gathering of entrepreneurs and franchise industry professionals in Canada and learn about:

  • Franchise Agreements
  • Consumer profiles
  • Franchise development techniques (including financial performance management)
  • Business Plans & Financial Literacy
  • Leadership, building community, and planning for success
  • And more...

For more information you can visit the CFA Convention website:

CFA Virtual Convention