Account Manager
Lee Arthur-Burke
Front Line Retail Experience: 

From roles as Brand Ambassador to Counter and Account Manager, developed hands on experience from direct personal sales to merchandising and inventory management, planning and executing marketing events, and training and developing top performing sales teams

Focus on Long Term Relationships: 

Established strong, long term personal and brand relationships with both customers and major retailers

Understands & Fits Your Culture: 

Experienced building brands and managing accounts within multiple retail environments

Proven Stability: 

Long term tenure with each employer, combined with consistent track record for promotion

Record of Success: 

Consistently built a strong client base within every account and repeatedly won awards for providing superior customer service and exceeding sales targets – even during the pandemic

Exceptional customer service is what Lee is all about. Whether interacting with individual customers or negotiating with major retailers, Lee has always focused on leveraging his natural focus on the customer. From successfully building brand presence to consistently exceeding sales targets, that focus has allowed him to build a track record for success and strong connections wherever he goes.

Starting with a role in retail while completing his post secondary education, Lee developed an affinity for the beauty industry and hasn’t looked back. Starting as a Fragrance Demonstrator and Beauty Advisor with Cosmair, Sears, and Coty, he quickly built his hands on sales skills and retail knowledge and was promoted to Counter Manager. Moving to Clarins Canada, Lee leveraged that experience to build strong client bases and brand presence, while consistently exceeding sales targets. He then became an Account Manager, and in this role he helped elevate sub-performing brands to top spots on the sales charts, and assisted with building business in multiple retailers.

Asked to stay on as Account Manager with L’Oreal when they acquired Clarins, Lee continued to build his track record for success. While expanding his focus to include planning and executing marketing events, merchandising and inventory management, he also built a top performing sales and demonstration team. The results included consistent double-digit sales increases and earned him multiple awards for delivering superior customer service and exceeding sales targets. L’Oreal also asked him to assist with business and brand development in other accounts as well as his own.

Lee joined JRoss Retail Recuiters in 2022 to continue his track record for delivering outstanding customer service. Based in Toronto, Lee looks after JRoss’ clients across the country, from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes and above the Arctic Circle to Vancouver.