Canada’s 2019 Restaurant Leadership Summit November 5 – will we see you there?

Hear from CEOs, culinary leaders, technology experts – and even a Dragon!

In 2019 all sectors of Canada’s food services and drinking places have consistently continued to maintain a solid track record for YoY growth. That growth is projected to continue, but at the same time major new shifts are impacting the industry.

The meal kit sector has doubled in size since 2014 to $400M in 2019 and is continuing to grow. Canadians now order over $1B/year worth of meals through 3rd party delivery apps. Almost 10% of Canadians are now vegetarian or vegan and sustainability is a huge topic, so plant-based meat alternatives have become mainstream. And on October 17, 2019, the rules for the manufacture and sale of cannabis edibles were released. While many complex issues still need to be ironed out, the potential for the sale of edibles is huge.

With all of these changes in play, it’s more important than ever for foodservice operators to understand their opportunities for successfully igniting growth. If you want to learn how to ignite growth through evolution, transformation and innovation, the Restaurant Leadership Summit is the place to be!

In one day you will be able to network and compare notes with other industry leaders, and learn about :

The latest economic and demographic insights, changes in consumer needs, and trends

Leveraging the latest in technology and the digital world

Delivering on the fundamentals of matching financing to growth, driving traffic, and optimizing the bottom line

And more...

For more information please visit the 2019 Canadian Restaurant Summit web page: Click Here