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Our client is a full service hospitality company predominantly focused on limited service hotels in secondary markets; providing development, construction, management and franchise services. Currently seeking a Vice President of Gaming to provide strategic oversight and accountability for gaming operations. This includes full responsibility for regulatory compliance, operational excellence, financial results, guest experience, facility maintenance, food and beverage, and employee engagement. Additionally the Vice President of Gaming will collaborate with senior corporate leadership to map out strategies to develop and grow the gaming business, will execute agreed strategies and act as the owner’s representative with all external stakeholders.

Contact Janis Romeskie at 403.670.9101 x4 or submit your resume in confidence below.


How you will achieve excellence:


  • Will be perceived throughout the organization as a highly engaged leader; empathetic to the needs of others. Able to balance life and work to the betterment of both.
  • Recognizes that personal communication, and communication from their people, must not only support the organization's Core Values; but that it will be held to the highest possible standard by all stakeholders.
  • Ability to actively listen; approaches conversations as though they have something to learn. Open minded and asks the right questions; fostering open dialogue with their people, peers, and work groups.
  • Collaborative in their approach to relationship building; can be trusted to work with those stakeholders they must partner with to move the business forward. Is perceived by others to be a trusted partner in problem solving.
  • Has the social and self awareness to interact with all stakeholders in a manner that is courteous and respectful; clearly demonstrates their desire to take personal responsibility for relationships and outcomes.
  • Has an advanced level of emotional intelligence; takes the time to fully understand the root causes behind emotions in self and others. Able to control own emotions and respond appropriately to the emotions of others.


  • Is perceived to be an expert in their field. Through their people, and work processes, their area can be counted on to deliver accurate and timely work; with a view to evolve the quality of information and its flow/reach.
  • Analyzes financial outcomes on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually; working with stakeholders to continuously adjust or formulate tactics to deliver optimal flow rates in both good and bad economic conditions.
  • Area(s) work within budgeted parameters; providing commentary on the performance of their area(s) on a monthly basis; both through formal written commentaries or as required by external stakeholders.
  • Is present in the business; assessing the performance of their area(s) in real time against standard operating procedures. Understands that they are personally an essential piece in their area(s) quality control system.
  • Delivers excellence in everything they (or their people) produce, present and convey. Does not accept mediocrity or the status quo from their area. Is creative and diligent in the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Contributions to the organization in terms of higher quality processes, products and outcomes have transformed the way the organization does business. Has given the organization a competitive advantage through innovation.
  • Oversees the senior site leadership, financial results and operations for all company sites. Directs and requires action from the site leadership to ensure that they have strategic and tactical plans in line with corporate objectives.
  • Reviews and reorganizes the management and operational structures to maximize efficiencies, reduce redundancies and achieve a balance between delivering budgeted labour costs without sacrificing service or controls.
  • Reviews liabilities and potential risks and provides guidance, recommendations and/or directives as appropriate to mitigate and/or manage them within acceptable limits.


  • Collaborates with their Leader(s), Internal Partners, and Work Groups to formulate high level organizational goals along with supporting strategies, tactics and KPIs. Articulates organizational visions and advocates on its behalf.
  • Champion of creating, and gaining approval of, strategies, tactics, KPIs, forecasts and budgets for their area(s) in support of the broader organizational goals. Ensures strategic plans “dovetail” in each of their areas.
  • Keeper of their area(s) value proposition in support of attracting, retaining and developing the right people into the right seats; with a long-term view toward succession planning across the organization.
  • Decision making skills are advanced. Identifies problem, gathers information, develops and selects best alternative, implements, measures and evaluates. Problems are fixed once; before their leader is even aware.
  • Proactively sources and tracks the data/feedback required to generate the information/reporting required for all stakeholders to make informed decisions around the organization's optimal path forward in achieving KPIs.
  • Stays apprised of advances in people, quality and technology research/application. Seeks to champion change, rather than let it wash up against their desk, in pursuit of higher levels of productivity, scalability and outcomes.


  • Viewed as a hard working person that always seems to be goal focused and have everything under control. Easily secures their team's commitment. They seem to have unlimited capacity to work efficiently and take on more.
  • Understands that a comprehensive program of meetings throughout their area(s) are essential in creating disciplined action and alignment. Once committed to; meetings should start on time and rarely be cancelled.
  • Understands that short-term goal setting within their area(s) is the only way to measure progress against longer-term KPIs. Delivering regular updates and talking about goals frequently is the only way to keep goals top of mind.
  • Assigned deliverables are executed in a manner that requires little or no follow up; both in terms of scope and quality. Understands that at their level in the organization motivation and drive comes from within.
  • Has a proven track record of delivering results around people, quality and finance. Has a high degree of respect and influence in every direction within the organization due to their track record of getting “things done”.


  • Connects in a meaningful way with their people; understands that their people are their customers and does not fail to keep promises. Provides their people with the resources, direction and tools required for their success.
  • Individual is recognized as not allowing poor performance to go unaddressed. Area has well defined expectations; through job descriptions, training tasks lists and individual development goals. Strives to fix weakest links.
  • Their area(s) is known for providing regular feedback and career planning through twice annual performance reviews; along with frequent one-on-one coaching. Understands they must set an example across the organization.
  • Proactively manages conflict within their area, with peers and within the broader organization as they materialize.
  • Does not allow personal differences to undermine collaboration within their area and across the organization.
  • Takes accountability for their personal actions and outcomes; also those of their team. Has the self-awareness to know when they could have done better and the courage to put their hand up and say they could have done better.
  • Speaks with candor one-on-one or in a group. Brings forward not only hard truths but also potential solutions. Has the personal core value "equity" to influence in all directions within the organization.


  • Bachelor's degree in business or related field or equivalent combination of experience and education
  • Minimum 10 years of gaming operations leadership
  • Previous site General Manager experience essential
  • Strong working knowledge of gaming, liquor, health and employment related regulations for BC and Alberta
  • Excellent presentation skills to both internal and external audiences
  • Advanced skills in slot and table games analysis
  • Effective working skills with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail and Internet navigation
  • Strong judgement, diplomacy, coaching, negotiation, decision making, and conflict resolution skills

Corporate Culture

Our client is the leader in hospitality in Western Canada, and has been voted one of Canada’s Top 50 Employers. They offer great benefits to employees such as extended health care, annual awards for top performers, team competitions, and activities at each property.

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