Rob Fisher
Front Line Retail Experience: 

Enthusiastic customer for both Retail and Hospitality, with an appreciation for the finer points of product and service offerings; Since co-founding JRoss Retail & Hospitality Recruiters, has worked with new clients from single unit owner operators to multi-national brands to fill roles in all areas, at all levels

Focus on Long Term Relationships: 

Responsible for internal and external business development, in particular working with new clients and building relationships with existing clients

Understands & Fits Your Culture: 

Pre-JRoss, worked with firms ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar software giants; Since co-founding JRoss Retail & Hospitality Recruiters, has worked with dozens of Retail and Hospitality firms across Canada from single unit owner-operator firms to world leading multi-national brands

Proven Stability: 

Over 15 years experience managing internal & eternal business development at JRoss Retail & Hospitality Recruiters

Record of Success: 

Co-founded JRoss Retail Recruiters in 2002 and JRoss Hospitality Recruiters in 2005, both leaders in serving their respective industries - and hasn’t looked back

Rob has been focused on business development from the start, whether internal infrastructure or external sales, marketing and customer service.

An Operations Management diploma from the BC Institute of Technology started preparing him well for working with the internal infrastructure of a company. Later years working hands on in management training positions and as a consultant implementing financial and manufacturing software systems built a solid grounding in the realities of how companies operate. A move from there into the sales side of things has helped him understand how to focus on value for clients, and his hands-on background helped him be successful in working with companies ranging from small, privately held firms to multi-nationals. Along the way he has worked for firms ranging from startup size (including his own) to multi-billion dollar software giants, giving him an appreciation for what it means to need, and deliver, the results management is looking for.

Rob entered the BC Institute of Technology as a mature student. Diploma in hand, he then joined a local building products manufacturer's management training program, rapidly shifting to implementing financial and inventory systems for their business units. Moving fully into the computer industry, he focused on providing a bridge between the business users and technical people. Leveraging that ability to understand, communicate and focus on business value, he moved from there into a sales and project management role for first a rapidly growing startup, Jump Software, and then his own firm, ETI:Systems. In that role he has worked with service sector companies, distributors, non-profits, and even a company that builds fire engines!

A shift to working with larger scale systems and clients came with a move to Oracle Corporation, the world's second largest software company. Winning clients for Oracle's business applications has given Rob an appreciation for the issues involved in running very large national and international businesses, along with a taste for travel. Since co-founding JRoss Retail Recruiters in 2002 and JRoss Hospitality Recruiters in 2005, Rob has brought his focus on business value to play for both JRoss and its clients. Working out of Vancouver, he has responsibility for internal and external business development, particularly client relationships, across the country.