The World of Work – The Business of Retail Podcast with Jackie Ross

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a strong aversion to public speaking. As a recruiter, I'm naturally more comfortable asking the questions. When I was asked by my friends David Ian Gray and Gary Newbury and the team at The Business of Retail (TBOR) to join them and for their podcast, I hesitantly agreed. I admire George Minakakis's and this knowledgeable team's candid insights and perspectives on retail, especially during these times. Thanks for the opportunity to share JRoss's perspective on the changing Canadian retail employment landscape. I encourage you to follow TBOR on LinkedIn and other channels as they offer a fresh take on strategic transformation facing the retail ecosystem.

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The Business of Retail team invited Jackie Ross, Founder and President of noted Canadian Retail Recruiting agency JRoss Retail Recruiters, to speak on the topic - The Changing World of Retail Work. The world of work has been transitioning due to the pandemic. Some of the changes in retail management are becoming much more structural in nature. For executives and their teams, what will careers, leadership and technical skills look like beyond 2020? Will retailers be compelled to make radical changes to organizational structure, to culture, how they allocate resources and what talent they are looking for as they respond to fast evolving consumer needs?

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