We’re setting the bar – higher!


After more than fifteen highly successful years we’re revitalizing our brand in a number of ways, for a number of reasons.

Set the bar. Hire.

We’ve changed our tagline because job seekers and employers turn to us for more than just results. They turn to us because we are leaders in recruiting for their specific industry. They turn to us because we’re highly connected with leading industry professionals and organizations. They turn to us because we focus on helping them recruit leaders who in turn elevate the capabilities of their organization. In other words, they turn to us because we’re ultimately dedicated to their success.

Changing our Colours.

Our specialization — building teams of recruiters with experience, credentials and active involvement in the Retail and Hospitality industries is now better reflected in the colour palate of our brand. We have updated our graphic standards (business cards, websites, etc.) to have two separate colours: periwinkle for Retail and cranberry for Hospitality recruiters.

Mobile Friendly

We’ve updated the look and navigation of our website to be more compatible with the way 80% of the business market gets its information: on mobile devices. We recognize that technology continues to evolve and we needed to keep pace.

From the impact of Airbnb on the Hospitality industry to the way eCommerce and mobile technology have affected the Retail sector, our clients and candidates deal with an incredible amount of change. Those who are succeeding are embracing the power of new technology and leveraging it to their advantage. We can do no less.

Underlining What’s Important

Finally, we’ve created a remarkable new logo and graphic treatment for JRoss Recruiters that instantly conveys and clarifies our specialized approach — JRoss Retail Recruiters and JRoss Hospitality Recruiters — emphatically underscored by a dynamic horizontal line. This new logo, together with our new colours and tagline, create a visual representation of the re-invigoration of our staff and our relationships with clients, candidates and the industry at large.

Together, let’s set the bar. Hire.