Retail West returns on October 27! Join us at the Retail Council of Canada’s premier event for Western Canadian retailers.

From the impact of inflation on consumer behaviour, to the current opportunities – and challenges - in digital transformation, sustainability, diversity and more, Retail West offers you a wealth of knowledge on retail strategies for today and tomorrow.

With core retail sales growing at an average rate of 7.7% YoY each month for the first half of the year, retail in Canada is definitely back. Yet, along with that resurgence and the opportunities it represents, new challenges have also arrived. There are still-developing societal and behavioural changes stemming from the pandemic. There are significant increases in inflation around the world. And geopolitical events have had major impacts on people and supply chains, both in the short and long term. Succeeding in today’s retail environment requires correctly answering more complex questions than ever.

For instance, while there are significant YoY increases, how much is from inflation vs genuine sales increases, and how should that shape retail investment? With the move to hybrid or remote work, what store formats and locations best fit the resulting changes in consumer traffic? How will the ever-increasing impacts of climate change affect consumer expectations in both product and experience? How do you balance the slowing growth of e-commerce against the investment required to create value for the newest generation of consumers?

Successfully navigating the retail landscape in 2022 and beyond requires developing and maintaining an understanding of the latest in consumer behaviour and retail trends, challenges and opportunities. On October 27, the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail West Conference will provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to do just that, giving you the chance to learn from leading retailers, consultants and vendors about all these topics and more.

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On October 27, you’ll have an opportunity to network with hundreds of other retail professionals and learn about:

  • Brand reinvention and digital transformation
  • Extending diversity beyond HR
  • Major influences from inflation to consumer demographics and sustainability
  • Retail strategies for 2022
  • And more...

We’re proud to be sponsoring the Retail Council of Canada’s 2022 Retail West Conference, learning and sharing alongside you and other retail professionals. It’s one of the ways we ensure we remain on the leading edge of recruiting for the Canadian retail industry from our offices across the country.

If you can make it to Retail West and you’d like to chat, just let us know in advance or look for us there. If you can’t make it – or even if you can – sign up to receive our periodic newsletters with information on current retail issues, the retail job market and other news.

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