Retail Council of Canada HR Forum Mar 25 – delivering the latest on Retail HR!

The pandemic brought major changes to retail – how does that impact HR?

Our social isolation looks like it will ease as vaccines are delivered, and projected to become readily available in the coming months. Health regulations, while still tight, are loosening or at least remaining stable in many areas. Business has, to a great degree, adapted to remote work. But the impact on mental health remains to be dealt with, and the importance of previously existing, major societal issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion has been magnified over the past year. With the changes in consumer behaviour, jobs and entire employment sectors have shifted. And the inability to accurately predict the future has made the ability to continually deal with uncertainty more challenging – and important - than ever.

All of these issues have significantly impacted retail’s most valuable asset – its people. For HR professionals, that makes it more important than ever to be on top of the latest in retail HR challenges and solutions.

On March 25, the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail HR Forum gives you that opportunity.

You can also learn more on these and other important retail topics on our blog.

On March 25 you will have an opportunity to network with hundreds of other Retail HR professionals from across the country and learn about:

  • Building strong teams with shared vision and joy
  • Growing a positive culture with a remote team
  • Recruiting in the new normal
  • Supporting mental wellbeing
  • Unleashing full workforce participation
  • And more...

We’re proud to be sponsoring the Retail Council of Canada’s 2021 HR Forum, learning and sharing alongside you and other Retail professionals. It’s one of the ways we ensure we remain on the leading edge of recruiting for the Canadian Retail industry from our offices across the country.

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