The Retail Cannabis Forum on May 3 from the Retail Council of Canada – will we see you there?

Impact, opportunities and challenges – what’s the current picture for Canada’s Retail Cannabis industry?

Deloitte’s latest report on retail cannabis in Canada shows the industry has grown to almost $4B in annual sales, sustains over 90,000 jobs, and has made $29B in capital expenditures and paid over $15B in taxes and licensing fees in its first three years of operation. It continues to grow – Statistics Canada reported that monthly sales were up over 28% YoY in December and 2021 sales were up 50% over 2021, despite lower prices. And with the Ontario Cannabis Store reporting that its legal sales of cannabis for July-September 2021 were only half of the total market, signs point to significant room for even more increases.

Yet industry-specific challenges remain, from tight, fragmented regulation and restrictions on consumer access, to supply not matching demand and ongoing competition from the illicit market. There are also the challenges all retailers face – from changing consumer habits to competition within the industry, and a serious labour shortage.

With 2022 offering significant opportunity combined with major challenges, it’s more important than ever for cannabis retail professionals like you to be on top of the latest in industry trends, challenges and opportunities. On May 3, the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Cannabis Forum will give you an unmatched opportunity to learn about them from leading retailers, consultants and vendors.

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On May 3 you’ll have an opportunity to network with hundreds of other retail professionals from across the country and learn about:

  • The industry’s impact on Canada’s economy
  • Strategies for meeting industry-specific challenges
  • Cannabis consumer insights
  • Navigating the competitive employment market
  • And more...

We’re proud to be sponsoring the Retail Council of Canada’s 2022 Retail Cannabis Forum, learning and sharing alongside you and other retail professionals. It’s one of the ways we ensure we remain on the leading edge of recruiting for the Canadian retail industry from our offices across the country.

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