The Retail Cannabis Forum on March 26 – from the Retail Council of Canada!

Cannabis retail became legal only 5 months ago — what's it going to take to grow that much, that fast?

On October 17, Canada gained an entirely new retail sub-sector — one that was predicted in 2018 to account for approximately $6.5B in annual retail sales by the end of 2020. That's less than two years from now. Delivering that rate of growth will require opening hundreds of new stores from a standing start while solving significant supply issues. It will require filling tens of thousands of positions, educating millions of consumers on a very complex product with a lot of history, and developing new brands where none have existed before. This will all have to be done in a highly regulated environment where those regulations keep changing, sometimes on incredibly short notice. 

On November 7, 2018 (3 weeks after legalization) we asked a small group of key cannabis retailers how they were feeling. Click here for details

We're proud to be sponsoring your opportunity to get an update four months later! 

As a retail professional, on March 26 you will have an unparalleled opportunity to network with other retail professionals in both traditional retail and this brand new sector, and learn about : 

  • Branding as a cannabis business strategy
  • The latest regulatory outlook — including edibles
  • Developing new and unique in-store experiences
  • Combining community engagement with social responsibility to remove cannabis' historical stigma
  • and more...


For more information, go to Retail Cannabis Forum.


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