Paul Bocuse

Amongst those who cook, he was legend. The greatest Chef of a century, without rival. He is widely considered one of the founders of Nouvelle cuisine, and ushered in the modern era. He received his 3rd Michelin Star in 1965, and maintained it for 50 plus years. The greatest achievement of Culinary Arts, the Bocuse D’or, is named in his honour, and was established 30 years ago. If this doesn’t say it all…

Three generations of the greatest chefs can trace their lineage to his kitchen, and an infinite number of us have been profoundly impacted by his work and his life. He embraced that the true legacy of a Chef is those who come up under them. He never had a TV show, took 30 years to open a second restaurant, and never stopped trying to advance the profession from the pulpit, and most importantly, never compromised. He was the embodiment of the great history of grand cuisine, the nobility of the profession. And in every continent and every kitchen, his impact will resonate forever.

We thank you Chef, and celebrate your amazing 91 years that profoundly and positively affected our industry. Rest in Peace, Monsieur Paul.