Change isn't coming, it's here!

Whether with new concepts & segments, blurring the line between restaurants and retail, or changing the way consumers place their orders, change isn’t just coming. For the restaurant industry, it’s already here.

The question is – how do you keep ahead of the curve?

If you’re looking for answers on the latest in the Canadian restaurant industry, Restaurant Realities Redefined is the place to be. Some of the biggest names and the brightest minds in the industry will be sharing experiences, insights and forecasts that will help you keep up, and keep ahead.

In 2 days you will be able to :

  • Hear from senior industry experts, the industry’s leading CEOs, and cutting edge suppliers
  • Learn about the “Food State of the Nation”, the blurring of the lines between retail and restaurants, emerging trends in talent acquisition, the roles of AI and apps in the restaurant industry and both the challenges – and opportunities – afforded by cannabis in foodservice
  • Attend 2 keynote sessions, 2 panel sessions, 2 award sessions and 4 breakout sessions
  • Mingle with hundreds of other restaurant professionals

For more information visit the Restaurant Realities Redefined web page by clicking here.